Denim Shirts

Sure, in the 90′s denim shirts were all the rage, but if you’ve taken the opportunity to walk through a department store or other clothing retailer recently, you’ll notice that they’ve found their way back onto the shelves!

You might sigh and file them away at the back of your mind with day-glow t-shirts and parachute pants, but that would be your loss! Denim shirts have come back into style, full-force, and if you miss the boat on this fashion trend, you’ll certainly be regretting it later!

Denim Shirts

Denim Shirts: How and When to Where Them

We all remember the Saved by the Bell days when Jessie Spano and Kelly Kapowski rocked their denim shirts with a cute pair of cutoff denim shorts or a fun printed skirt, but what you MAY not know is that denim is back in a big way!

Take a stroll through your favorite clothing store — guaranteed you won’t be able to walk the aisles of the women’s, junior’s, or girl’s sections without running into at least a handful of cute, modernized denim shirts.

It’s been said that fashion rolls back around every few decades, and it seems we’re currently in the midst of a 90′s rollback! Think leggings, floral prints, cutoff shirts, overalls, combat boots, and LOTS of denim!

Gone are the days when people crack jokes about the “Canadian tuxedo” (you know… a jean shirt paired with a pair of jeans or jean shorts on bottom) — lucky for you that have braved the denim-unfriendly decades since the 90′s — they’re acceptable again!

Rather than signifying farmer, lumberjack, or thrift-store-shopping hipster-extraordinaire, denim shirts now signify fashion forward, main stream, trendsetting, in-with-the-times individuals who want to make a statement and give a nod to one of their favorite decades.

Who knows, denim shirts could be the “skinny jeans” of a few years ago. (Who doesn’t remember giving skinny jeans the side-eye before they became main stream and heinously popular?!)

If you’re still a bit wary, don’t despair! It seems as though denim shirts and all the other fun 90′s fashions that come with them are here to stay (for a while, at least!). Let your friends take the plunge first, see how they look in the latest denim styles, floral prints, neon colors, and ripped leggings.

After a while, you might not even realize that you’re gravitating toward their fashion sense! Guaranteed after a few months of denim saturation, your wardrobe will inevitably pick up one or two new pieces that you might not have dreamed you’d ever buy (unless, wait a second, are we back in 1995 again?

Are the Backstreet Boys still…. boys?!). Head to toe denim may not be your style, but just remember, a good denim shirt goes with just about everything. (If denim pants can do it, it would be discriminatory to say that shirts couldn’t do the same!)

So clearly if you’re looking to be on point with your fashion wardrobe this fall, be the hottest girl at the party, or if you’re simply looking to be the trendsetter amongst your friends on a night out, you’ll definitely need to pick up a few fierce denim shirts this season.